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Sosyal Ağ Fotoğraf ve Video
Geliştirici: Salim Alkaabi

Have you ever wondered, what kind of interesting events is taking place in the current time at a specific place? What kind of places to visit? What good food to savour? Whether if it was 25 miles radius around, your neighbouring city, or even world widely.

Geosee uses your location to enables you to post newly shot photos and videos, for a specific period of time, whether if it is to share your special moments, your favourite places or just your regular activities of daily living.

While using Geosee you can:
- Post newly shot photos or video.
- Browse posts around according to geographical range.
- Share your moments with all the people around you even if you don’t know them
- Search cities for up-to-date photos and videos.
- Browse photos or videos word widely.
- Like and comment without the need to add or follow.